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To spare


Sustainable showering and saving a lot of gas with your central heating

If you use a gas central heating system, the smallest model for the shower will suffice. Where a reasonable shower already requires a CW4 or CW5 class, with the smaller variant, the CW3, you already have more than enough water for the Upfall shower.

A small resume is cheaper. So save on your CV, on gas and water. Please note, you must have a central heating system with an internal hot water tank or a boiler.


Shower for an hour and a half with a 200 liter boiler

In shower water, 2/3 consists of warm water and 1/3 of cold water. If you have a 200 liter boiler, you can shower for about 20 minutes with a rain shower of 15 liters of water per minute. A choice for a 500 liter or larger is quickly made, only these boilers cost considerably more and they use a lot of electricity. Pay attention to the winter months when the solar panels provide less energy!



Which boiler do I need?

How many liters of boiler do I need? How many liters of hot water per shower?

With a 200-litre boiler, you can shower for barely 20 minutes with a rain shower.


Small boiler, fewer solar panels

A smaller boiler is not only cheaper to purchase but also to use and you also need fewer solar panels.


You get a boiler? Then watch this video

A boiler will cost you more than you want

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