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What do I save?

What does an Upfall Shower get you? An Upfall Shower costs €4295.00. That may seem like a lot, but when you consider how much you save on your water and energy bill, you will quickly earn back that investment.

Let's take an example of a family of four who want to remodel their bathroom. They would like a nice shower with built-in faucets, a hand shower and a rain shower. They pay about € 2000.00 for this. With such a shower they use about 609m3 of gas and 60m3 of water per year to shower. That costs them € 1144.00 per year.

With an Upfall Shower they only use 120 liters of water per day and much less gas or electricity to heat the water. That only costs them € 343.20 per year. That is a difference of € 800.00 per year! In less than three years they have earned back the additional cost of the Upfall Shower. After that, they save money every year.

What are the other benefits of an Upfall Shower? An Upfall Shower is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. By using less water and energy, you reduce the CO2 emissions associated with making drinking water and heating shower water. You also burden the sewer less with waste water. Moreover, the Upfall Shower is fully recyclable and can be used anywhere. You only need water, electricity and a drain. You don't have to make special adjustments with pressure-boosting water pumps, thicker pipes or larger boilers. And you can shower without feeling guilty, because you don't waste clean drinking water.

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Sustainable showering and saving a lot of gas with your central heating

The Upfallshower models that will be delivered from the summer of 2023 no longer require a central heating system with a boiler. A normal resume is sufficient. However, all Upfalls delivered before that delivery date will only work properly in combination with a central heating system with an internal boiler.

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Shower for an hour and a half with a 200 liter boiler

If you buy a new house or want to make it more sustainable with a boiler, it is important to pay attention to the size. A standard water heater usually has a capacity of no more than 200 liters, which means that you can only shower for 20 minutes with a rain shower. However, with a properly installed and insulated Upfallshower you can shower for an hour and a half.

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Which boiler do I need?

How many liters of boiler do I need? How many liters of hot water per shower?

With a 200-litre boiler, you can shower for barely 20 minutes with a rain shower.

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Small boiler, fewer solar panels

A smaller boiler is not only cheaper to purchase but also to use and you also need fewer solar panels.


To spare
Upfall shower with continuous water heater

The most ideal solution is to install a 13kW instantaneous water heater from Clage that can supply the Upfall and a washbasin with hot water. Only energy consumption during use, no energy loss to a hot water storage such as a boiler. This small instantaneous water heater can be placed directly behind the glass of the Upfall.

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A boiler will cost you more than you want

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