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What do I save?

The savings below were made based on the energy prices of 1 July. The gas price was then € 2.56 m3 and is now € 3.79 m3. Electricity was €0.588 per kWh and now costs about €0.98 per kWh

Calculation example:

A family of 4 with a newly built house. Standard boiler of 200 liters on delivery. The newly selected bathroom will have a rain shower.

The purchase of an Upfall shower is € 4295.00. The planned purchase price for the new bathroom rain shower with built-in thermostat and floor drain costs € 1500/2500. The surcharge for the Upfallshower is therefore approximately €2000.00/€2500.00

The shower time with a 200 liter boiler and a rain shower is 20 minutes, then the boiler is empty. So buying a larger boiler during construction with extra solar panels costs....? This is your first credit. This often involves several thousand euros.

For example, an Upfall shower costs € 2500.0 more than the normal shower that you would purchase. If 4 people each shower for 10 minutes a day with an Upfall shower, that will save € 1528.00 in gas or € 2884.00 in electricity compared to a normal rain shower, you can calculate the payback time.

The savings it gives you on water is even more interesting, almost 170,000 liters of water per year!

If you don't place an Upfallshower, you are actually a thief of your own wallet and you will shower with an excessive amount of precious drinking water and a considerable sense of guilt in the coming years.

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Sustainable showering and saving a lot of gas with your central heating

The smallest CV is suitable for an Upfall shower. Please note that you have a central heating system with an internal boiler. If you don't have one, ask us if your type is suitable.

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Shower for an hour and a half with a 200 liter boiler

Are you buying a new house or are you going to make it more sustainable with a boiler, pay attention to the size. A standard boiler is often no larger than 200 liters, so you can shower with a rain shower for just 20 minutes. With an Upfallshower for an hour and a half.

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Which boiler do I need?

How many liters of boiler do I need? How many liters of hot water per shower?

With a 200-litre boiler, you can shower for barely 20 minutes with a rain shower.

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Small boiler, fewer solar panels

A smaller boiler is not only cheaper to purchase but also to use and you also need fewer solar panels.


You get a boiler? Then watch this video

A boiler will cost you more than you want

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