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"Step into the future of showering with the Upfall Shower - an innovation born more than two decades ago from the need to save water and put an end to endless shower sessions. This groundbreaking system redefines the concept of sustainability by recycling water , disinfect and renew, saving you up to 80/90% of water and energy.But the Upfall Shower is not only good for the planet; it also offers a luxurious shower experience. Be pampered by the powerful waterfall that flows from the generous shower head flows. And the best? This Dutch product is easy to install and maintain. No hassle with filters - just one capful of cleaner per week is sufficient. And thanks to the use of standard parts, easy to replace via the glass plate, you are not tied to a specific supplier. The only disadvantage? You will never want to go back to a regular shower. With the Upfall Shower, cold showers, feelings of guilt and high bills are a thing of the past."

Rene Betgem