Rain shower - Upfallshower

rain shower

Rain shower 40x40cm. more than 35 liters of water per minute

Showering under the Upfall shower is an experience. Showering with more than 35 liters of water per minute is a real sensation, a huge warm, powerful rain shower. Enjoy without feeling guilty because you know that this rain shower does not use more than 2 liters of water per minute and that is even less than the smallest saving hand shower with a poor trickle. Honestly, there is no better water-saving shower than an Upfallshower.

During the circulation process, the only water you use is the hot water that is added to keep the shower warm. This is about 2 liters per minute.

So you can shower without feeling guilty with more comfort than you would have thought possible. Visit our showroom in Almere.

Maximum comfort
Minimal water use
Minimal energy consumption
Shower without guilt
Most sustainable shower in the world

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