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Drinking water companies are faced with a difficult choice

The future of drinking water: less consumption, more sustainability

Drinking water companies warn that they cannot guarantee drinking water during a long dry summer. Drinking water companies are legally obliged to supply us with drinking water. They are only allowed to make a turnover with the sale of drinking water. They have no other sources of income. Our drinking water is under pressure from drought, population growth and pollution. Our drinking water comes from groundwater, rainwater and river water. Ground and river water are increasingly polluted and more difficult to purify. Drinking water companies therefore have a major problem that has become even worse after the dry year of 2018.

There are many products and innovations on the market that can save water, such as our Upfall Shower. We know that many families in the Netherlands have halved their water consumption with an Upfall Shower. With other products such as the Hydraloop and the Just Nimbus you can reduce water consumption even further. For example, you can reuse the shower water for the washing machine or flush the toilet with rainwater. This is of course a problem for the drinking water companies, because less water consumption means less income, less water pressure in the pipe system and fewer profit margins. Drinking water companies will find themselves in financial trouble and will no longer be able to do their work as they do now.

The solution is to give drinking water companies more room to experiment with the supply of water-saving products. Just as the energy companies have changed their working methods, the drinking water companies must do the same.