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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does an Upfall shower last?

That's hard to say. The Upfallshower consists of several parts that can be replaced, and these are parts that can simply be replaced by any installer. So there are no parts that are specially made for the Upfallshower except the controls. The Upfallshower can therefore be completely renewed. You can therefore not indicate when the product is finished.

Is the Upfallshower safe?

The Upfallshower has been available since 2014 and has been technically approved by the KIWA. In addition, the Upfallshower is built according to directions from KWR.

KWR is an independent organization that deals with all facets of water use and safety. KWR works for the government and the WHO, among others.

Am I in my own dirt?

No you don't!

The water under which you are standing goes through a filter that stops coarse dirt. Then it passes a UV lamp that kills all bacteria. In addition, clean hot water is continuously added to the drain during use to keep the shower water at the right temperature. The Upfallshower is therefore constantly changing its water in the reservoir.

Refreshing, filtering and disinfecting, the Upfallshower water is cleaner than from many taps, especially if you compare this with showering abroad!

The system was built on instructions from the KWR, which have tested safety.

Is the Upfallshower approved?

The Upfallshower has been tested by the KIWA for technical safety and by the KWR (Kiwa Water Research) for water safety. The KWR has extensively tested the system and made recommendations that have been implemented by the manufacturer.

Does the Upfallshower make noise?

While filling the Upfallshower you can hear the sound that you can also hear when filling a bath. Once the shower is running you can occasionally hear some bubbling from the drain, this comes from the warm water that is added in the drain.

After using the Upfall, the system will drain, you can hear that too. The shower head drains and the drain.

While using the Upfall you won't hear a pump running, just the water falling on the floor.

What is the delivery time?

In general, we keep a delivery time of 4 weeks. However, it can happen that a large order has been received for, for example, a project and that the delivery time is therefore longer. Always contact us if you have a tight schedule. It is also sometimes possible to deliver on a shorter term, please contact us for this as well.

Where can I buy the Upfallshower?

The Upfallshower can only be purchased through Upfallshower.

Can an Upfall shower be placed at my home?


A standard water connection. There are no requirements for a certain water pressure and diameter of the pipes, but you do need a water temperature between 55 and 60 degrees.
You can connect an Upfallshower to a boiler or a combi boiler installation with a stock barrel. A combi boiler without a stock barrel will commute a lot because the Upfallshower has a hot water supply that opens and closes every few seconds. A continuous supply of hot water is therefore important.

If you now have a combi boiler and you still want an Upfall shower and off the gas for hot water, choose a heat pump boiler, which is an ideal solution. You can place this anywhere and it is much cheaper to use than an electric boiler.

Look here


The Upfallshower uses approximately 150 watts per hour. A normal earthed socket is sufficient.


A standard shower drain is sufficient for an Upfall shower

What is an Upfall shower?

Everyone likes to take a shower, but showering costs water, sometimes a lot of water. In the Netherlands, more than 60% goes from the water to the shower. If you have teenagers at home, it can go much further. The alternative is to take a shorter shower with a small economy shower. Some people are happy with that, most people are not.

The Upfallshower is a complete shower system that can be compared to the system of a wall-hung toilet. A complete frame including the shower drain (the reservoir) That can be finished with tiles.


The system therefore has a drain that is pre-mounted to the frame. When you buy an Upfall, you also take the whole thing straight out of the box.

The Upfallshower has two showers.

1) a normal economy hand shower of which the water drains directly into the drain.

2) the recirculation mode where a small pump pumps the water around and where it is filtered, disinfected and continuously refreshed. This is done by continuously adding clean hot tap water from your boiler or boiler to keep the shower at the right temperature. About 8 liters of water goes into the system with which it starts up. Then an average of about 2 liters of clean hot water is added per minute. Taking a shower for 10 minutes therefore takes about 30 liters of water. If you use a normal hand shower at home with 10 liters per minute, you will save 70 liters of water. It is of course also possible that you have a "showerpipe" with a 20 or 30 cm shower head of 15 liters of water per minute or more, your savings then start to add up and don't forget that heating water for your shower is a lot of energy ( gas/electricity) is used.

Look here for operation

Why an Upfall shower?

– Less energy use 80%

– Less CO2 emissions

– Less water use 70% to over 90%

– Less wastewater 70% to over 90%

– Very favorable EPC up to 0.18

– Small hot water supply 3ltr 60c is sufficient

– KIWA return statement

– KIWA approval

– Meets the highest KWR requirements

– MIA subsidy

– Government environmental list A6448

– Urgenda tested

– Minimal maintenance

– Dutch manufacturer 40 years of experience

– Network of several hundred dealers

– Available through all Bouwcenters

– Own service department

– Dutch invention

– No filters to replace

– Sustainable system

– Plug-and-play100% reliable

– Sold since 2014

– European parts only

– Very luxurious shower experience

– Sleek modern designLow built-in

– Applicable everywhere where there is a shower, cruise ships, mobile homes, care homes, etc.

– Purchased by Defense

– Purchased/pilots large construction companies and hotels

– Many recommendations from ambassadors

– Known for innovation competitions

– Known from the media

Pee in the shower?

Don't, you don't do that in a swimming pool. If it happens once, no problem. There is 8 liters of water in the system and that water is continuously refreshed and disinfected by the UV lamp. In addition, urine is sterile and therefore harmless.

Does the Upfallshower sound?

You can hear the Upfallshower filling just like a bath. When the Upfallshower is turned on, you only hear the sound of falling water and the occasional bubbling sound while adding warm water. After use, you will hear the sound of a drain where water is draining. You cannot hear the pump during use.

Can I shower with my long hair under the Upfallshower?

This is a frequently asked question by women. Yes, you can shower with long hair under the Upfallshower. The Upfallshower draws in the water through a filter in the reservoir. Hairs remain attached to the filter. If you stop showering, the water present in the system will flush through the filter back into the drain in the reverse direction. Hair and dirt then come loose and disappear through the drain.

Since the Upfallshower uses a horizontal siphon, hairs can flush directly into the sewer. Cleaning the filter is therefore hardly necessary.

Which soap and shampoo is best to use under the Upfallshower?

Soap and shampoo use is not a problem, but use in moderation and preferably organic. Nowadays you can buy very good organic shampoo and soap without micro plastics almost everywhere and these can be used very well under the Upfall shower. Use products from Naturebox Marcel's Green Soap or other brands (Kruidvat, Albert Heijn, etc). The water in the Upfallshower's reservoir is continuously refreshed, so soap residue quickly disappears from the system.

​If you use a lot of soap and shampoo (that chemical stuff that foams a lot and contains a lot of microplastics), use in moderation!

How do I make my Upfallshower smell nice?

By partially reusing the water, you can make the Upfallshower smell wonderful. Just adding a few drops of this fragrance leaves the shower smelling like eucalyptus, orange, pine, lavender...etc

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Can the Upfallshower only provide cold water?

That is partly possible.

Before you switch on the Upfallshower, you can set the thermostat knob of the hand shower to cold. The Upfallshower fills itself with the water temperature as set with the thermostatic tap. Only after filling is the temperature control electronic. The Upfall shower will therefore start to give cold water during the first minute. Immediately after starting the shower head, set the Upfall temperature to as low as possible. It will then take a while before the water gets warmer. At least long enough to take a cold shower.

What are the connection points of the Upfallshower?

View the connection points of the Upfallshower here

How do I install the most economical Upfallshower?

​Very important… insulate!

The Upfallshower is a very economical shower. The only water you use is the hot water to keep the shower at the right temperature.

– Insulate the drain/reservoir, pack it with insulating material or use Pur foam

– Insulate the casing of the Upfallshower

– Insulate the pipe to the overhead shower

– Place underfloor heating

– Make the shower a closed space with a roof and don't make it too high

What is required to be able to place an Upfallshower?

To place an Upfall shower you need hot and cold water, just like with an old-fashioned shower, a drain and an earthed socket. The Upfallshower only uses 175 watts per hour. Taking a shower of 10 minutes therefore costs about 30 watts.

In principle, the Upfallshower can be connected to any hot water source and the pressure is negligible because the Upfallshower works with an internal pump. The Upfallshower works best when it is connected to a water heater. Using a central heating system without a boiler or a continuous flow heater can cause problems.

If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I install the Upfallshower Drain?

View the manual of the Upfallshower Drain with a flexible ceiling connection here

View the manual for the Upfallshower drain with a pipe supply from the wall here

How do I assemble the Upfallshower Tray?

View the manual for the Upfallshower Tray here

What are the connection points of the Upfallshower?

View the connection points of the Upfallshower here

Do I have enough height in the bathroom?

The frame of the Upfallshower is 240cm high. When installing the frame, you can make the conversion as high as you want.

If your bathroom is lower, for example 220 cm, there is the option to saw off the frame to the desired height.

If you have any doubts about whether the Upfall will fit, please contact us.

What is the tiled drain cover for?

The supplied cover for the drain can be used in reverse to allow the tiles to run through.

How often should a UV lamp be replaced?

The UV lamp has a lifespan of approximately 7/8000 burning hours. Of course it remains a lamp and lamps can break. The lamp is easy to replace.

Do filters need to be replaced?

No, the Upfallshower has one filter and it is made of very finely perforated stainless steel. It rinses itself clean after use. You can easily remove this filter and clean it under the tap.

Is there a manual for the use and maintenance of the Upfallshower?

View the assembly, use and maintenance manual of the Upfallshower here

What should I do if I have not used the Upfallshower for a long time?

Sometimes it may be necessary to clean the system more intensively if, for example, you have been away for a month. For extreme cases, use the Upfallshower Microx, a biodegradable disinfectant. You can buy Microx here

Switch on the system as you normally shower. Set the temperature back to 20 degrees. Then add a cap of Microx and let the system run for 10 minutes. Then turn off. Then switch the system back on for a while so that all the liquid is gone. You can easily leave this cleaning on for half an hour. Set the temperature back to 20 degrees so that hot water is not used unnecessarily. The Microx will be able to do its job well. You only use 75 watts of electricity

Can the drain be cleaned even easier?

Yes, that's possible. Look here

The water from the drain does not drain

How do I remove the glass plate from the Upfallshower?

The glass plate of the Upfallshower can easily be removed and replaced during service. Click on the link below.

remove glass

Reset glass

The shower head spouts clogged

Some users suffer from dirt from the spouts of their showerheads, which also prevents water from coming through. That hiding is due to dirt and that can get there due to all kinds of circumstances. Sometimes by using certain types of soap and shampoo, sometimes by loss of skin cells, etc. (some people suffer more from this than others) or by not or hardly cleaning the system. Not a problem in itself and easy to solve. We advise not to use too much soap and shampoo and preferably natural products.

During the cleaning program or while using the shower or after use when the Upfallshower is still on, you can simply remove the dirt with a wiper by gently brushing the squeegee along the spouts, until only water comes out. comes. The dirt is then gone from the shower head.

Keep this up regularly.


How much electricity does the Upfallshower use?

The Upfallshower does not use more than 175 watts per hour when it is in use.

Can the Upfallshower be used together with a helophyte filter?

You can, but pay close attention to the size of the filter. The Upfallshower provides too little residual water to flush the filter. There are customers who were advised to use more water because their helophyte filter was not functioning properly

Can the Upfallshower be used together with a shower wtw

That is possible but of little use. The Upfallshower drains about 2 liters of water per minute and the Upfallshower only uses warm water during use.

Does my water pressure matter?

No, it's not important. The Upfall initially fills with 8 liters of water and only starts up when there is enough water in the drain. After starting, the Upfallshower works with its own pump for the pressure.

I want to use an electric instantaneous water heater, is that possible?

No, an electric water heater will not work with an Upfallshower. Since the Upfallshower system asks for hot water every few seconds, a steamer will not work. A continuous supply of hot water via a boiler is the best solution.

is the Upfallshower easy to install?

The Upfallshower is a complete shower system that comes in a box. We sometimes say plug-and-play, because the system consists of one piece for the drain version. The tray version consists of two parts.

The entire system can be placed against the wall in one go. Connecting and dismantling water, electricity and drainage. The drain is pre-assembled and cannot be placed in another location like the Tray version.

Anyone who is a bit handy can therefore place the Upfallshower.

I still opt for a CV, which one should I buy?

You want to choose a new CV for your home. Which one is the best to buy?

If you want to be able to use hot water in two places at the same time, the choice for a CW5 is obvious. This is the most popular central heating boiler and can supply two showers with hot water at the same time. If you want a central heating system that works well with an Upfall shower, choose a central heating system with an internal boiler. The central heating will then not have to start every time the shower asks for hot water. The boiler will continuously supply the Upfallshower with a small amount of hot water and the boiler will be topped up by the central heating system. A central heating system without a boiler will therefore continuously turn on and off and that is not ideal.

The tap threshold is not important for a central heating system with a boiler and is therefore always a better choice than without a boiler. Even if you often use a small amount of hot water, a boiler is better because otherwise the boiler will always switch off when you use a small amount of hot water.

Explanation videos

Showering with a boiler

Operation Upfallshower system by René Betgem

Maintenance Upfall shower

How do I replace the glass plate?

How do I remove the glass plate?

How do I place a filter?

How do I remove the filter grid?

If you really want to thoroughly clean the filter, you can remove the filter mesh from the plastic holder. This is easy with a pin. Trying a few times gives you dexterity.

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