How does an Upfallshower work?
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How does it work
Upfall Shower = 2 showers in 1
The regular hand shower
How does it work
How does it work

 Regular shower system with hand shower: This is a normal economy shower that works with tap water.

Thermostatic valve C:

Regulates the temperature of the hand shower. With this tap you also set the starting temperature of the upcycle shower.

Stop valve D:

Regulates the water in the hand shower. This hand shower uses fresh tap water

Unlock the thermostat tap every month and turn it back and forth several times to prevent limescale deposits.          

The upcycle shower
How does it work
How does it work

The upcycle shower system: 

Partial reuse of shower water. While showering, the water is continuously filtered, disinfected with UV light and refreshed by continuously adding fresh hot tap water.

Display A shows the temperature of the water in the upcycle shower

With tap B you regulate the supply of clean hot water to the upcycle shower. The more you open the tap, the warmer the shower will become. The temperature can be seen in the display.

Video explaining how the system works

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